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We exist to transform lives by creating a connected world that is seamless, smart and safe, while innovating the way telcos operate.

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Building connections that matter is what we do best.


Based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, we at iGGarena Sdn Bhd believe in a world where everyone is connected. We truly look forward to helping build a connected nation - it all starts with accessible fibre.


With us by your side, let’s build connected lives, communities and societies. Together let’s make the move to create a world that encourages us all to reach for the future and connect to more.

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Our experienced and passionate board and executive leadership team are united by our mission to transform the lives of customers and create a connected world through the radical transformation of digital services.

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iGGarena is powered by iFIBER Sdn Bhd. We at iFIBER believe in a world where everyone is connected. 

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